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Dogbox Records was a small London-based record label which existed between 2004 and 2007.

The label's remit was "underground pop", and its releases were particularly popular with indie webzines. The label also curated a string of gigs, mainly at Metro on London's Oxford Street, tagged The New Pop Revolution.

The most successful Dogbox release was 2006's compilation album Blue Skies Up, tracks from which by Swimmer One, The Schla La Las and Robots In Disguise received airplay on BBC Radio One.

The label's last release was in October 2006 and the final New Pop Revolution night came in January 2007.


  • BOX1 Luxembourg - "What The Housewives Don't Tell You" (CD single)
  • BOX2 Luxembourg - "Best Kept Secret: Demos & Rarities 2001-2004" (CD album)
  • BOX3 The Bridge Gang - "Pangs Of Guilt" / "Sarah's Brother" (free download single)
  • BOX4 Mitten - "Slob From The Record Shop" / "No More Weeping" (free download single)
  • BOX5 Luxembourg - "Luxembourg vs Great Britain" (CD single)
  • BOX6 Swimmer One - "Largs Hum" / "Cloudbusting" (free download single)
  • BOX7 The Sweethearts - "Blue Skies" / "Rainy Skies" (free download single)
  • BOX8 Various Artists - "Blue Skies Up: Welcome To The New Pop Revolution" (CD compilation)
  • BOX9 Bib - "I Wanna Be A Better" / "Flowers" (free download single)
  • BOX10 Piranha Deathray - "The Rising" / "Your Chilling Presence" (free download single)
  • BOX11 Luxembourg - "We Only Stayed Together For The Kids" (CD & 7" single)
  • BOX12 H Bird - "Pink Lights & Champagne" / "Dear Dead Days" (free download single)
  • BOX14 Piranha Deathray - "Dolly Dolly" / "Last Australian In Space" (CD & 7" single)
  • BOX15 Luxembourg - "Sick Of DIY" (CD & 7" single)
  • BOX16 Luxembourg - "Front" (CD album)