Dogs from Japan

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Dogs from Japan
Studio album by Crack the Sky
Released 2004
Genre Rock
Label Red Line
Crack the Sky chronology
Dogs from Japan
The Sale

Dogs from Japan is the twelfth studio album by Crack the Sky.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Little Jesus"    
2. "Betty and the Jets"    
3. "I Want to Be John Lennon"    
4. "Fat Man"    
5. "Die With You"    
6. "Suburban Subhuman"    
7. "Dancing at the White House"    
8. "Dogs from Japan"    
9. "I'm a Doctor"    
10. "Boys"    
11. "White Girl Dance"    
12. "The Cool"    
13. "My Brain Is Mush"    
14. "Message #10"