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The cover of the June 2005 edition of Dogs in Canada

Dogs in Canada is a monthly magazine, which includes 12 monthly issues along with an annual edition, typically released in mid-November. This publication founded in 1889 is Canada's oldest continually-published magazine.[1] It was started as a newsletter for the CKC Canadian Kennel Club, and is owned by Apex Publishing Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of The CKC.[2] The magazine features articles about dogs, and though it originally focused purely on Pedigree dogs and dog shows, it has evolved to become a more general interest dog magazine.

This change in tone has not been without controversy,[3] especially because a subscription was previously included in the price of membership of the CKC, and some CKC members believed that if the price of subscription is included in the fee, than the magazine should focus solely on purebred dogs. Now, the magazine is a CKC member benefit and members who do not like the more mainstream content can elect not to receive the magazine. However, with recent changes in editorial staff, the magazine now appears to have bowed to pressure from the CKC, and the its focus has returned to promoting the interests of pedigree breeders generally, and CKC members in particular.

The December 2011 edition and the 2012 annual will be the final publication of Dogs in Canada following a decision[4] by the Canadian Kennel Club to close its publishing arm, Apex Publishing. The closure follows a report by Apex that there is no reasonable expectation of profit from the publication.

Columns & Departments[edit]

  • Nutrition
  • Citizen canine
  • Behaviour
  • Brushing up
  • Health basics
  • Barks
  • Breedlines
  • Feedback - Letters to the editor

Features focus[edit]

  • Health
  • Animal welfare
  • Sporting activities
  • Human-animal bond
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Training & behaviour
  • Breeding
  • History & the arts


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