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The Doig Medal is the best and fairest award given out to the player considered best and fairest during a season for the Fremantle Football Club in the AFL.

It was named after the legendary Fremantle footballing family, the Doigs, who have had over 17 members play league football for East Fremantle or South Fremantle in the WAFL. The most famous is George Doig who has been inducted in the Australian Football Hall of Fame.[1]

Eight different players won the award between 1995 and 2002 until Peter Bell won his second medal in 2003.[2] Following Bell's third medal in 2004, Matthew Pavlich won four consecutive medals to hold the record of six medals in total.[3] Nathan Fyfe became the third player to win multiple Doig medals when he won consecutive medals in 2013 and 2014.[4]

Year Winner Runner Up Third Fourth Fifth
2014 Fyfe, NathanNathan Fyfe[4] Sandilands, AaronAaron Sandilands Hill, Stephen Stephen Hill Mundy, DavidDavid Mundy Ballantyne, HaydenHayden Ballantyne
2013 Fyfe, NathanNathan Fyfe[5] Mundy, DavidDavid Mundy Johnson, MichaelMichael Johnson Crowley, RyanRyan Crowley Spurr, LeeLee Spurr
2012 Crowley, RyanRyan Crowley Mayne, ChrisChris Mayne Johnson, MichaelMichael Johnson Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich McPharlin, LukeLuke McPharlin
2011 Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich Fyfe, NathanNathan Fyfe Broughton, GregGreg Broughton McPharlin, LukeLuke McPharlin Mundy, DavidDavid Mundy
2010 Mundy, DavidDavid Mundy Sandilands, AaronAaron Sandilands Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich Hill, Stephen Stephen Hill Broughton, GregGreg Broughton
2009 Sandilands, AaronAaron Sandilands Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich Tarrant, ChrisChris Tarrant Duffield, PaulPaul Duffield Hasleby, PaulPaul Hasleby
2008 Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich Sandilands, AaronAaron Sandilands McPharlin, LukeLuke McPharlin Palmer, RhysRhys Palmer Johnson, MichaelMichael Johnson
2007 Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich Grover, AntoniAntoni Grover McPharlin, LukeLuke McPharlin Bell, PeterPeter Bell, Josh Carr, Dean Solomon and Roger Hayden
2006 Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich Bell, PeterPeter Bell and Michael Johnson Parker, ShaneShane Parker Carr, JoshJosh Carr
2005 Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich Bell, PeterPeter Bell and Shane Parker Black, HeathHeath Black Hasleby, PaulPaul Hasleby
2004 Bell, PeterPeter Bell Hasleby, PaulPaul Hasleby Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich Longmuir, JustinJustin Longmuir McPharlin, LukeLuke McPharlin
2003 Bell, PeterPeter Bell Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich Hasleby, PaulPaul Hasleby Haddrill, RobbieRobbie Haddrill McManus, ShaunShaun McManus
2002 Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich Bell, PeterPeter Bell Parker, ShaneShane Parker Hasleby, PaulPaul Hasleby Simmonds, TroyTroy Simmonds
2001 Bell, PeterPeter Bell Black, HeathHeath Black Carr, MatthewMatthew Carr Pavlich, MatthewMatthew Pavlich Cook, TroyTroy Cook
2000 Cook, TroyTroy Cook Hasleby, PaulPaul Hasleby Waterhouse, CliveClive Waterhouse Bandy, DanielDaniel Bandy Fletcher, AdrianAdrian Fletcher
1999 Fletcher, AdrianAdrian Fletcher Modra, TonyTony Modra Bandy, DanielDaniel Bandy Kickett, DaleDale Kickett Waterhouse, CliveClive Waterhouse
1998 Norrish, JasonJason Norrish Fletcher, AdrianAdrian Fletcher Callaghan, CraigCraig Callaghan Bond, ChrisChris Bond Parker, ShaneShane Parker
1997 Kickett, DaleDale Kickett Parker, ShaneShane Parker Callaghan, CraigCraig Callaghan Wills, AndrewAndrew Wills Harding, GregGreg Harding
1996 O'Reilly, StephenStephen O'Reilly Kickett, DaleDale Kickett Chisholm, ScottScott Chisholm Mann, PeterPeter Mann Callaghan, CraigCraig Callaghan
1995 Mann, PeterPeter Mann Kickett, DaleDale Kickett Allan, BenBen Allan Chisholm, ScottScott Chisholm O'Reilly, StephenStephen O'Reilly


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