Dois Perdidos numa Noite Suja

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Dois Perdidos numa Noite Suja (Portuguese for Two Lost in a Dirty Night) is a 2002 Brazilian film directed by José Joffily. It features the story of Tonho (Roberto Bomtempo) and Paco (Débora Falabella).


They are two Brazilian illegal immigrants living in New York, USA. Paco, really a girl named Rita, is very aggressive, strange and mysterious. Antônio, nicknamed Tonho, wants to return to Brazil, because he had no success living in America. They live in a kind of loft. She is like a tomboy.

In one of the most polemic scenes, Paco is acting like a man prostitute, sucking on a man (Guy Camilleri). Then, he discovers that Paco is a girl and became furious, trying later to rape her. Tonho comes and kicks the man. Later Tonho invites her to live with him.

They had numerous fights, and he punched her two or three times. She always says that he is gay and that in the jail he was the "woman". In the final scenes, he made her get naked just to prove he is heterosexual. She cries.

Through an assault with Paco, Tonho gets the money to return to Brazil.


Awards and nominations[edit]

Brazilian Festival of Brazilian Cinema[edit]

  • Candango Trophy of Best Actress to Débora Falabella
  • Candango Trophy of Best Director to José Joffily
  • Candango Trophy of Best Screenplay to Paulo Halm

Cinema Brazil Grand Prize[edit]

  • Best Actress to Débora Falabella
  • Nomination of Best Editing to Eduardo Escorel
  • Nomination of Best Adapted Screenplay to Paulo Halm

Gramado Film Festival[edit]

  • Golden Kikito of Best Editing to Eduardo Escorel
  • Golden Kikito of Best Music to David Tygel
  • Nomination of Golden Kikito for Best Film

Recife Cine PE Audiovisual Festival[edit]

  • Calunga Trophy of Best Cinematography to Nonato Esterla

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