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Developer(s) Dokeos
Stable release 2.1 / November 30, 2011
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Learning Suite
License GPL
Website Dokeos

Dokeos is an open source corporate learning suite with four components: AUTHOR to build e-learning content, LMS to handle interaction with learners, SHOP to sell a course catalog, and EVALUATE for assessment and certification.


Dokeos is based in France, where it has been widely used, and has had substantial international reach.[1] The Dokeos open source program is a fork of Claroline, which it eclipsed in popularity.[1]

In 2008, an "unpaid independent review" concluded that the Dokeos user community was active and supportive and had helped develop the program.[1] The user community had contributed many extensions including RSS Readers, polling, reservation, peer review, and grade book capabilities.[1][citation needed]


Dokeos is programmed in PHP, Javascript and HTML.[1] It is SCORM compliant.[1]


An independent report by Kineo in 2008 commended Dokeos for simplicity, usability, SCORM compliance, strong reporting capability, and features such as virtual classroom and rapid learning and authoring.

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