Yos Sudarso Island

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Yos Sudarso
Yos Sudarso NASA 138.38068E 7.82292S.png
NASA satellite image
Pulau Yos Sudarso.png
Location South East Asia
Coordinates 7°57′S 138°24′E / 7.950°S 138.400°E / -7.950; 138.400Coordinates: 7°57′S 138°24′E / 7.950°S 138.400°E / -7.950; 138.400
Area 11,742 km2 (4,534 sq mi)
Area rank 67th
Largest city Kimaan
Population 11000

Pulau Yos Sudarso is an island in Papua province, Indonesia. It is separated only by narrow channels from the main island of New Guinea. It also known as Pulau Dolok, Pulau Dolak and Pulau Kimaam, has also been known as Kolepom Island, and in the Dutch colonial period was known as Frederik Hendrik Island.

The island is leaf shaped, about 165 km long with an area of 11,600 km².


Yos Sudarso Island (map)