Dolly (Japanese band)

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Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Rock
Years active 2005–present
Labels Marder Suitcase
Associated acts Plastic Tree
Members Mitsu

Dolly is a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in 2005. They are signed to the Marder Suitcase label.


Dolly was formed in 2005 with an original lineup of Mitsu, Masa, Yuina, Hachi and Takashi Oshoudani(support member). The played their first concert in October 2005 at Takadanobaba Area and released their first single, "Screen of Indoors" shortly after as a DVD single.

In 2006, their first CD single, "Pumpkin Carriage Parade", was released on January 13. In March, they released another single, "2 Ripped Sweets", followed shortly by Takashi's departure. Tsuguki quickly replaced Takashi and Dolly released their first EP, Cynical Closet, on July 26. In November they began a three-single release campaign with Ussetsu Drop, Suisai Palette, and Shinshoku Rosetta, all bearing the "Tricolor Opera" title.

Dolly's first single of 2007, "Karmaison", appeared in stores in June. In September, they released their first full album Jewel's Drip containing previously released singles, as well as eight new tracks. After a short break, due to Mitsu's health problems and brief hospital stay, Dolly continued their "Jewel's Drip Parade" tour.

In 2008, Dolly released "Closet Letter", and "Juliet" singles as well the Mini Album "HeavenwOrd", as part of their "5 Coaster Cabaret" Concept, and the only live distributed single "Hana Uta" and the free distributed single "Shikisai Graduation" this single is the bonus track for the mini album, in December they went to a major label, and release the album "Primary, Premium Best" which contains "Strawberry in the Scalp", "Pumpkin Carriage Parade" and other singles and b-sides, and a new song as a bonus track "Usagi Uta".

On February 9, Dolly debuted with a single and a DVD.

Yuina left the group because he was sick and the rest of the members thought that this was the best solution.


Former members
  • Takashi Oshoudani(大正谷 隆) – support drums
  • Yuina (ゆいな) – guitar


Albums & EPs
  • Cynical Closet (26 July 2006)

1. Diorama Never Land (ジオラマ ネバーランド)
3. Nejimaki shiki Taruto (ネジマキ式タルト)
4. Hoshi no sunadokei (星の砂時計)
5. Yuuyami ni oboreta shiroi balloon (夕闇に溺れた白いバルーン)

  • Jewel's dRIP (5 September 2007)

1. bitters marmalade RIP
2. Cassis Milk
3. Sakura shiki ame kan (サクラ式飴缶)
4. Suisai Palette (水彩パレット)
5. Clockwork march
6. Ame furi no Theater (雨降りの映画館)
8. Tremologic (トレモロジック)
9. Alice in Dizzypit
10. Chameleon (カメレオン)
11. Tengai no jinkou teien (天蓋の人工庭園)
12. Ussetsu Drop (鬱雪ドロップ)

  • HeavenwOrd (7 September 2008)

1. Heaven’s door
2. Shiny Merry (シャイニーメリー)
3. mirror,mirage
4. 「R」
5. Word’s end

  • Primary, Premium Best (10 December 2008)

1. Strawberry On the Scalp
2. Pumpkin carriage parade
3. INject candy
4. Ussetsu Drop (鬱雪ドロップ)
5. Kuroneko Catherine (黒猫カトリーヌ)
6. Shinshoku Rosetta (浸食ロゼッタ)
7. "Kingyo" (「金魚」)
8. Suisai Palette (水彩パレット)
9. Sakurarium (サクラリウム)
10. Miffy Number (兎唄)

  • "Pumpkin Carriage Parade" (13 January 2006)

1. Pumpkin Carriage Parade

  • "2 Ripped Sweets" (8 March 2006)

1. INject candy
2. Reddish chocolate
3. Sugar (シュガー)

  • "Tricolor Opera - Ussetsu Drop" (1 November 2006)

1. Ussetsu Drop (鬱雪ドロップ)
2. Kuroneko Catherine (黒猫カトリーヌ)
3. Psycho Flipper (サイコフリッパー)

  • "Tricolor Opera - Shinshoku Rosetta" (21 February 2007)

1. Shinshoku Rosetta (浸食ロゼッタ)
2. Ringo-shou (林檎症)
3. "Kingyo" (「金魚」)

  • "Tricolor Opera - Suisai Palette" (21 February 2007)

1. Suisai Palette (水彩パレット)
2. Rasenjou Metro (螺旋状メトロ)
3. Sakurarium (サクラリウム)

  • "Quadlor Opera - Hoshikuzu clock" (21 February 2007)

1. Miffy Number (兎唄)

  • "Karumeson" (6 June 2007)

1. Ame furi no eigakan (雨降りの映画館)
2. Misshitsu Orgel (密室オルゴール)
3. revolver’s-go-round

  • "Closet Letter" (6 February 2008)

1. Closet Letter (クロゼットレター)
2. Orange (オレンジ)
3. Haru uraraka na, 503-bou (春うららかな、503房)

  • "Hana Uta" (March 2008)

1. Hana Uta (花唄)

  • "Juliet" (25 June 2008)

2. Senjou no Ballerina (線上のバレリーナ)
3. $ Game ($ゲーム)

  • "Shikisai Gradation" (7 September 2008)

1. Shikisai Gradation (四季彩グラデーション)

  • "Toki no Ressha" (18 February 2009)

1. Toki no ressha (時の列車)
2. Tentai touhikou (天体逃飛行)
3. Gekkou ha Limelight (月光はライムライト)

1. Play

  • Screen of Indoors (26 October 2005, [DVD single])

1. Strawberry On the Scalp

  • Re:colect Picture (4 February 2009, [PV collection])

1. Ussetsu Drop (鬱雪ドロップ)
2. Shinshoku Rosetta (浸食ロゼッタ)
3. Suisai Palette (水彩パレット)
4. Ame furi no eigakan (雨降りの映画館)
6. Closet Letter (クロゼットレター)
7. Word's end

  • Heaven wArd ([Live DVD,Limited to Official Fan Club "Bonnie"])

1. Orange
2. Suisai Palette (水彩パレット)
3. Alice in Dizzypit
4. Word's end["Heaven wArd" Image edit ver.]
and one Bonus track.

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