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Domenico da Piacenza (ca. 1400 – ca. 1470) was an Italian Renaissance dancing master. Domenico da Piacenza (sometimes known as Domenico da Ferrara) was born sometime around 1400 in Piacenza, where he grew up and began teaching dance. He soon became a very popular teacher with some of his students – most notably Antonio Cornazzano and Guglielmo Ebreo – later becoming successful dance masters themselves.

Domenico worked for some of the most influential Italian families of the time and not only composed choreography for them but also performed alongside them at important events such as weddings. He achieved a Knighthood – he was a knight of the Golden Spur – and was founder of the first Lombardic dance school. His dance manual, De arte saltandi et choreas ducendi (written in Italian despite the Latin title) was the first to survive into the modern era. Domenico died in Ferrara around 1470.


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