Domestic violence in Colombia

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This article is about Domestic violence in Columbia. For other related topics, see Outline of domestic violence.

Although prohibited by law, domestic violence in Colombia remains a serious problem.[1] Judicial authorities may remove an abuser from the household and require therapy or re-education.[1] The law provides prison time if the abuser causes grave harm or the abuse is recurrent; however, provisions for fines are not applied.[1] The Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Science reported approximately 33,000 cases of domestic violence against women during 2006 but noted that only a small percentage of cases were brought to its attention.[1] The law stipulates that the government must provide victims of domestic violence with immediate protection from physical or psychological abuse.[1] The ICBF provided safe houses and counseling for victims, but its services were dwarfed by the magnitude of the problem.[1] In addition to fulfilling traditional family counseling functions, ICBF family ombudsmen handled domestic violence cases.[1] The Colombia Ombudsman's Office of Human Rights conducted regional training workshops to promote the application of domestic violence statutes.[1]


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