Dominguez Channel

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Dominguez Channel
Origin Hawthorne, California
Mouth East Basin, Port of Los Angeles, California
Basin countries United States
Basin area Dominguez Watershed
110 sq mi (280 km2)

Dominguez Channel is a 15.7-mile-long (25.3 km)[1] stream in southern Los Angeles County, California that drains the Dominguez Watershed of 110 square miles (280 km2). The watershed area is 96% developed, largely residential, and artificially bounded by a system of storm drains and flood control channels.[2]

The stream begins just south of 116th Street in Hawthorne and travels through Gardena, Alondra Park, Torrance, Harbor Gateway, Carson, Wilmington, and empties into the East Basin of the Port of Los Angeles on the Pacific Ocean.


From mouth to source (year built in parentheses):[3]


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