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Dominic Green (born 1 January 1967) is a British writer of short science fiction. His short story "The Clockwork Atom Bomb" was nominated for a 2005 Hugo Award. Green is best known for his stories published in Interzone during the 1990s and 2000s (decade), many of which have been reprinted in various Year's Best anthologies. Interzone published a special issue devoted to Green and his stories in July 2009.[1]


Green has lived for much of his life in Bakewell and Northampton. He graduated in English from St Catharine's College, Cambridge and works in information technology. He is married to the painter Allyson X. Green and until recently taught Kung Fu part-time. In May 2015 he was diagnosed with suspected kidney cancer, and his prognosis is still not clear.

In 2010, Fingerpress brought out Green's first published novel, Smallworld. In 2011, he epublished a children's SF novel, Saucerers and Gondoliers, the first of a series set in and around the fictional United States of the Zodiac, a secret set of colonies in space involved in a struggle for independence from Britain and America. The series stars "Ant and Cleo" - Anthony Stevens and Cleopatra Shakespeare, two UFO-abducted teenagers from Northampton - and is now up to its seventh installment, Time Held Me Green and Dying.



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