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Dominic Rouse (born 1959) is a contemporary digital photographer from England. His stylized approach to photography consists of creating digital monochrome compositions that deconstruct and reconstruct the human form.

Early life and career[edit]

At the age of 16 Dominic Rouse started his photographic career as a press photographer for local and national newspapers. In 1982 he returned to college to study advertising and commercial photography. It was during this time period that he developed an interest in multiple exposure techniques using large format cameras. In 1986, after spending a brief time working with commercial agencies, he opened his own studio.

He was jailed in 2003 in Norwich for downloading, possessing and buying pornographic images of children.[1]


  • 2004 FotoFest in Houston
  • 2004 Honolulu Academy
  • 2003 Carmel Center for Photographic Art
  • 2002 XII Encuentros Abiertos de Fotografia in Buenos Aires
  • 2002 Benham Gallery in Seattle
  • 2002 Schneider Gallery in Chicago


  • 2006 Ultimate Eye Foundation grant
  • 2005 First prize in The Photo Review's Annual Competition
  • 2005 Gold Award by America's Black and White magazine for 'The cunning of unreason'
  • 2005 Winner of Artrom Gallery's International Digital competition in Rome
  • 2005 Winner of Los Angeles Center for Digital Art's International juried competition.
  • 2003 Won the 'Special Photographer' category in the first International Photography Awards (Photography's Oscars) held at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles
  • 2002 Ultimate Eye Foundation grant
  • 2000 Recognition at the International Digital Exhibition Awards (London)
  • 1999 Recognition at the International Digital Exhibition Awards (London)


  • Photo Art International
  • Digital Photo Art
  • Creative Photography
  • The Photographer
  • Image, Lenswork (USA)
  • The British Journal of Photography
  • Black and White Magazine (USA)
  • FotoRomania and Art Review
  • A Celebration of Light


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