Dominic Sandoval

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Born Dominic Sandoval
(1985-10-15) October 15, 1985 (age 29)
Roseville, California, United States
Occupation dancer, television personality, internet personality
Years active 2007–present

Dominic "D-Trix" Sandoval (born October 15, 1985) is an American dancer and YouTube personality.

Sandoval was a contestant on the third season of So You Think You Can Dance and the winner, along with the rest Quest Crew, of the third season of America's Best Dance Crew. After his win, he became a judge on ABDC.[1] Sandoval was seen in a 2011 Panic! At The Disco music video for "Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind)" as a background dancer. In 2012, Sandoval became the host of the online web series Dance Showdown. During the show's first season, Sandoval appeared as a guest judge on Internet Icon.

Sandoval is also a member of the musical group YTF Legacy (short for Yesterday, Today, Forever).[2] Sandoval is also dating SYTYCD contestant Lauren Froderman. However, as of May 2015, their relationship status is undetermined. In the latter part of May 2015, Dominic released a video that seemed to point to a breakup with Lauren.

Early Life[edit]

Sandoval was born in Roseville, California. He began breakdancing at age 13 and has performed at NBA and WNBA games, as well as won the 2005 "Evolution 2" competition held in Orlando, Florida with his breaking crew, Flexible Flav. Three months before the Los Angeles auditions, in order to prepare, Sandoval took hip-hop and choreography classes.[3] He lists Ivan "The Urban Action Figure"—who has appeared on America's Got Talent—as his favorite professional dancer. Sandoval aspires to learn all styles and genres of dance and to be known as a dancer, rather than just a breaker.[4] Sandoval was a member of Quest Crew and Fallen Kingz.

So You Think You Can Dance[edit]

On the dance show "So You Think You Can Dance," he was known for having a crush on host Cat Deeley, his humor and seemingly constantly dropping his partner, Sabra Johnson in Hairspray group routine, where she was accidentally dropped on her head.[5] He was eliminated on August 2, 2007 and went on tour with the show. He was an All-Star in Season 7.

America's Best Dance Crew[edit]

With the Quest Crew, Sandoval, along with fellow "So You Think You Can Dance" star Hokuto "Hok" Konishi, Ryanimay Conferido, and Victor Kim were the champions of the third season of America's Best Dance Crew. Sandoval later announced that he would join America's Best Dance Crew's judging panel for its sixth season.[6][7][8]

Internet career[edit]

Sandoval has appeared in several nigahiga videos, along with fellow Quest member Victor Kim. He has starred in the short film Agents of Secret Stuff. Sandoval was also a guest judge on the first season of Internet Icon and the host of the popular online web series Dance Showdown.[7][9] He also has two YouTube accounts, "RANDOMinicSHOW" and "theDOMINICshow", the latter having over a million subscribers (2,131,410 as of October 7, 2014). Sandoval frequently collaborates with Ryan Higa (nigahiga). Sandoval has recently[when?] published a song, called 'The Worst Babysitter Ever', to go with his new iTunes record deal.

Film career[edit]

Sandoval starred as the villain in the 2011 35-minute-long film Agents of Secret Stuff by Wong Fu Productions. Two years later, he starred alongside Chris Brown in the 2013 film Battle of the Year, which was released on September 20. He also appeared in Alvin and the Chipmunks- The Squeakquel as a background dancer.


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