Dominic Sorel

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Dominic Sorel
Eureka Seven character
Dominic Sorel.png
First appearance Eureka Seven episode 1
Voiced by Shigenori Yamazaki (Japanese)
Peter Doyle (English)
Relatives Anemone (Partner)
Nationality United Federation of Predgio Towers

Dominic Sorel (ドミニク・ソレル Dominiku Soreru?) is a character in the Eureka Seven series. He is a soldier of the United Federation of Predgio Towers.

Little is known about Dominic's past and his non-military life. He is under the command of Col. Dewey Novak as a special intelligence force. Scenes from one of the series' ending songs show that he was an orphan of Warsaw.



At the beginning of the series, Dewey assigns Dominic as Anemone's personal caretaker. This means that he is burdened with the task of Anemone's frequent outbursts and calming her painful headaches, which cause her to react violently to those around her.[1]

Dominic develops feelings for Anemone, but at first she does not return his love. He kisses Anemone later in the series, but she his and her own lip. Claiming that he doesn't know a single thing about her life and especially the hardships of her past. Nevertheless, he stays by her side and goes so far as to follow TheEND to stop Anemone from firing her Vascud Crisis at Renton and Eureka in episode 48. Anemone has a change of heart when she sees that Dominic has come to save her, but TheEND fires anyway. By then the typeZERO has safely moved out of the way, and Dominic is blown away from the blast. An emotional cry from Anemone causes TheEND to evolve [As What typeZERO Did In the ending of the series] and ejects Anemone from the cockpit so she can save Dominic. He says this is the first time he has seen Anemone smile, and they kiss in freefall.

In the final episode of the series, Anemone and Dominic can be seen camping out under the stars after the Second Summer of Love, looking up at the moon.


In episode 13, Dominic and Renton are forced to work together to search for the medicine needed to help both Anemone and Eureka. Despite their awareness that they are on opposite sides, Dominic leaves on good terms with Renton and even goes as far as considering him a friend, although they hadn't again met personally since then. For much of the series, Dominic becomes obsessed with gathering information about Renton, his family, and his relationship with Gekkostate.


In the manga version of Eureka Seven, Dominic Sorel helps Renton by co-piloting the Nirvash "typeZERO" then piloting the Nirvash "typeTHEEND" into the Coralians in the effort to save Eureka. At first it was Renton's job to act as decoy, however because of "typeTHEEND"'s missing arm, Dominic switched jobs and became the decoy. Renton successfully went into the Zone while Dominic faced death by the Coralians. In the last chapter, readers can see Anemone on a wheelchair carried out by Dr. Mischa.[2]


Dominic is a professor who teaches young Renton and young Eureka about things. He shows them a rainbow flower in the middle of the snow and told them he has to go on a mission. He was with his girlfriend Anemone and with the orphans of a destroyed town and that a EIZO light appear on to them and Dominic dies. His spirit appears to a wounded Renton to tell him not to let go of his feelings and the words "Don't ask for it, do it yourself, or you won't get nothing" and with that he disappears. He is seen with the spirit of Anomone inside Larva The End as they vanish together.


Critics such as Don Houston of DVD Talk have noted the similarities between Dominic and Renton; Dominic cares for Anemone in much the same way that Renton does for Eureka. Later episodes "show an opponent of Renton studying his own complicity in the events unraveling before him."[3]


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