Dominican Republic general election, 2016

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Dominican Republic general election, 2016
Dominican Republic
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May 15, 2016
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Incumbent President

Danilo Medina

General elections will be held in Dominican Republic on 15 May 2016 to elect a President, Vice-President and the National Congress, as well as municipal councils.[1][2]


The previous parliamentary elections were held in 2010, and fresh elections would have usually been due in 2014 as Congress has a four year term. However, in an effort to revert to the pre-1996 system and synchronise the dates of presidential and parliamentary elections, the Congressional term starting in 2010 was extended to six years in order for the next Congressional elections to be held alongside the next presidential elections due in 2016.[1]

Electoral system[edit]

According to the Constitution, the President is elected directly for a four-year term, with a limit of one non-consecutive term. If no candidate receives more than 51% of the vote, a second-round runoff shall be held in June 2016.