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Single by The Sisters of Mercy
from the album Floodland
B-side "Emma"
Released February 1988
Format 7", 12", CD
Recorded 1987
Genre Gothic rock, dark wave
Length 7:00
Label Merciful Release
Writer(s) Andrew Eldritch
Producer(s) Larry Alexander, Andrew Eldritch, Jim Steinman
The Sisters of Mercy singles chronology
"This Corrosion"
"Dominion/Mother Russia"
"Lucretia My Reflection"

"Dominion/Mother Russia" (also known as "Dominion/Mother Russia Medley" on A Slight Case of Overbombing and "Dominion" as its single release) is a song from the album Floodland by The Sisters of Mercy. It was written by Andrew Eldritch and produced by Jim Steinman. Like its Steinman-produced twin "This Corrosion", "Dominion/Mother Russia" features vocals by the The New York Choral Society. The full version comprises two main parts, "Dominion" and "Mother Russia": the first half, "Dominion", was released as a single in 1988. Eldritch has revealed the song disguises an anti-American diatribe flavoured by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster.[1] At the time of release he also claimed that the second part of the song "Mother Russia" was a call for the West to give up Berlin to the Soviets, "because in reality they already control the city. It's only stupid to pretend otherwise".[2]

The song featured in the 2008 video game Grand Theft Auto IV.


7": Merciful Release / MR43[edit]

  1. "Dominion" (7" edit) - 3:43
  2. "Untitled" - 3:38
  3. "Sandstorm" - 1:49

12": Merciful Release / MR43T[edit]

  1. "Dominion" (12" mix) - 5:06
  2. "Untitled" (long version) - 3:36
  3. "Sandstorm" - 1:46
  4. "Emma" - 6:23

CD: Merciful Release / MR43CD[edit]

  1. "Dominion" (12" mix) - 5:11
  2. "Untitled" - 3:37
  3. "Sandstorm" - 1:48
  4. "Ozymandias" - 4:18


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