Dominique Anel

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Dominique Anel
Born 1679
Died 1730 (aged 50–51)
Nationality French
Occupation Surgeon
Known for Surgical treatment of fistula lacrymalis

Dominique Anel (1679–1730), French surgeon, was born at Toulouse about 1679.

After studying at Montpellier and Paris, he served as surgeon-major in the French army in Alsace; then after two years at Vienna he went to Italy and served in the Austrian army. In 1710 he was teaching surgery in Rouen, whence he went to Genoa, and in 1716 he was practising in Paris. He died about 1730. He was celebrated for his successful surgical treatment of fistula lacrymalis, and while at Genoa invented for use in connection with the operation the fine-pointed syringe still known by his name.