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Dominique Eade is an American jazz singer and composer. She lives near Boston and is on the faculty of the New England Conservatory.[1]


Source: Amazon[2]

  • My Resistance is Low, 1994
  • The Ruby and the Pearl, 1994
  • When the Wind was Cool, 1997
  • Long Way Home, 1999
  • Open, 2006


She attended Vassar College and the Berklee College of Music before finishing her degree at New England Conservatory in Boston in 1984. In 1989 she became the first jazz performer to be awarded the New England Conservatory's NEC Artist Diploma.[3]

Reviews and awards[edit]

Her work has been praised by the Boston Phoenix, Newsday, and Peter Watrous and David Hajdu of the New York Times.[4] Entertainment Weekly named her the "best jazz singer" in their article about up-and-coming artists for 1996.[4]


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