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Dominostein edelherb.jpg
Dominostein, fine bitter chocolate coating
Place of origin
Creator(s) Herbert Wendler
Main ingredients
Lebkuchen, sour cherry or apricot jelly, marzipan or persipan, milk or dark chocolate
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Three varieties of Dominostein

A Dominostein (plural Dominosteine) is a sweet primarily sold during Christmas season in Germany and Austria.

The base consists of Lebkuchen. Next is a layer of sour cherry or apricot jelly and a layer of either marzipan or persipan. The Dominostein is covered with a thin icing of dark chocolate.

The Dominostein was invented in 1936 by Herbert Wendler (1912–1998) in Dresden. The layered praline was targeted for a broader audience because of a cheaper price than the other products of Wendler's praline product line. During the scarcity of food during World War II the Dominostein gained popularity as a replacement praline.

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