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Dominus was a death metal band from Ringsted, Denmark, which formed in 1991 and split up in 2000-2001. They released one single, two demos and four albums, each differing in style. When the band split up after their last album (2000/2001), Some of the members went on to form the band Volbeat, named after the Dominus album Vol.Beat (1997). Jens Peter Storm is active as lead guitarist in the Danish thrash metal band TONS. TONS also features Daniel Preisler Larsen, who was the drummer in Dominus, between the Vol.Beat and the Godfallos album.

Former members[edit]

  • Michael Poulsen - Vocals, Guitars
  • Jens Peter Storm - Guitars
  • Franz Hellboss - Bass
  • James Andersen - Drums
  • Mads Hansen - Guitar
  • Keld Buchhard - Guitar
  • Jesper Olsen - Bass
  • Anders Nielsen - Bass
  • Jess Larsen - Drums
  • Lars Hald - Drums
  • Daniel Preisler Larsen - Drums


  • Ambrosius Locus (Demo 1992)
  • "Sidereal Path of Colours" (Single 1993)
  • Astaroth (Demo 1993)
  • View to the Dim (CD, Pavement Music, 1994)
  • The First Nine (1996)
  • Vol.Beat (1997)
  • Godfallos (CD, Progress Denmark, 2000)

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