Domitilla the Elder

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Domitilla the Elder
Flavia Domitilla Major.jpg
Domitilla from "Promptuarii Iconum Insigniorum"
Spouse Vespasian
Domitilla the Younger
Dynasty Flavian (by marriage)
Father Flavius Liberalis
Died Before 69
Roman denarius depicting Flavia Domitilla Minor

Flavia Domitilla Major (Major, Latin for the elder) Flavia Domitilla the Elder or Domitilla the Elder (died before 69, perhaps c. 65) was the wife of the Roman Emperor Vespasian. She was a daughter of Flavius Liberalis, a humble quaestor’s clerk. Before her marriage, she was a formal mistress to an African knight. Vespasian married her around 38. She was the mother of Domitilla the Younger and of the emperors Titus and Domitian and died before Vespasian assumed the purple.

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