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Domki’s their tribe's name as taken from the sea namely "Darya-e-Domak" which is located in western Balochistan (now in Iran). Their forefathers belonged here and migrated to Lahri and other districts of Pakistan. Molayi Sheedi also supports the view that Domkis have migrated from the Area of Domak (makran) to the region of Lahri (Tehsil of Distt Sibbi). Domak is located in Iran (ancient western Balochistan) and the people who had lived there were known as Domki. Even Mir Gul Khan Nasir writes "there as Stream let in Iran which is called "Domak". This Clan (Domki) choose this Stream-let as their home for this reason they were named Domki. There are four major Clans of the Domki: Mirozai,Brahamani,Mahamdani and Wazeerani and other clans are Baghdar, Denari, Derkhani, Gabol, Ghaziani, Gashkori, Gorgage, Singhani, Shaff khor, Almani, Talani, Giloe, Harra and others.