Don't Believe in Fairytales

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Don't Believe In Fairy Tales
Studio album by Mother Goose
Released 1979
Recorded Richmond Reorders Melbourne Australia 1979
Genre Rock
Label Mushroom Records
Producer Ralph Moss

Don't Believe In fairy tales is the second album released by Mother Goose.

Track listing[edit]

Living In A Silent Movie 4:31

Saving For A Rainy Day 4:44

Alice (It's Up To You) 4:24

Once Upon A Time 5:55

All the Kings Horses 4:10

Paint It Black 4:48 Folk lore has it that Mick Jagger has said that this is the second best version of painted black he has ever heard

Taking A Chance On You 3:25

Soliloquy 1:45

Don't Believe In Fairy Tales 3:45