Don't Ever Cry

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Croatia "Don't Ever Cry"
Eurovision Song Contest 1993 entry
Country Croatia
Artist(s) Vivien Galletta, Olja Dešić, Melita Sedić, Naim Ajra, Pater Čučak, Anđela Jeličić
As Put
Languages Croatian, English
Composer(s) Andrej Baša
Lyricist(s) Đorđe Novković
Conductor Andrej Baša
Finals performance
Final result 15th
Final points 31
Appearance chronology
""Nek' ti bude ljubav sva"" (1994) ►

"Don't Ever Cry" was the Croatian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1993, performed partly in English and partly in Croatian by Put. This was Croatia's debut as an independent nation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The song written by Đorđe Novković was performed twenty-first on the night (following the Netherlands's Ruth Jacott with "Vrede" and preceding Spain's Eva Santamaría with "Hombres"). At the close of voting, it had received 31 points, placing 15th in a field of 25.

The song is a plea for peace, set against the backdrop of the war of aggression which had recently engulfed Croatia. The song ends with the dramatic line "Don't ever cry, my Croatian sky".

It was succeeded as Croatian representative at the 1994 Contest by Tony Cetinski with "Nek' ti bude ljubav sva".