Don't Look Up

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Don't Look Up
Directed by Hideo Nakata
Produced by Koji Kobayashi
Shigeki Oosawa
Takenori Sentô
Yasushi Tsuge
Written by Screenplay:
Hiroshi Takahashi
Hideo Nakata
Starring Yûrei Yanagi
Yasuyo Shirashima
Kei Ishibashi
Ren Ôsugi
Takanori Kikuchi
Music by Akifumi Kawamura
Cinematography Takeshi Hamada
Edited by Shuichi Kakesu
Distributed by Bandai Visual Company
Bitters End
Film Bank
Release dates
March 2, 1996 (1996-03-02)
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Don't Look Up, known as Joyû-rei (女優霊?, lit. "Ghost Actress") in Japan, is a 1996 Japanese horror film directed by Hideo Nakata. The film received a Hollywood remake in 2009 directed by Fruit Chan and starring Rachael Murphy, Reshad Strik and Eli Roth.


Don't Look Up is about a film director and his crew who slowly go insane when the film set is haunted by the ghost of an actress who died while filming a TV show in the 1960s.

On the set of a dark war time drama at an old movie studio, a young director, Toshio Murai (Yanagi), is trying to complete his debut film. The two starring actresses, Hitomi Kurokawa and Saori Murakami, play sisters in his film. Murai has a crush on Hitomi (Shiroshima), the seasoned leading actress, and keeps a photo of her by his bed. The younger and less experienced actress, Saori (Ishibashi), is annoying and likes to have recess on the set. The production of the movie is consistently interrupted by strange occurrences and the cast and crew begin to get spooked.

When Murai reviews the shoot, he is shocked to see that scenes from an unreleased (and presumed destroyed) drama from years earlier are intermingled with his negatives. As Murai is watching his footage, the scene is interrupted by a film within a film of an unidentified actress on a movie set, with something that looks like a woman behind her, long black hair, pale skin, out of focus, laughing hysterically.

Murai is fascinated with the freaky footage, as it looks strangely familiar of a pig on the set. The production shuts down for a formal investigation. Murai has only three days left to find out what is going on and finish the shoot.

Murai looks into his own past, and finds a frightening connection between the film he is shooting and the strange footage he has uncovered.


  • Yûrei Yanagi – Toshio Murai / the director
  • Yasuyo Shirashima – Hitomi Kurokawa / the seasoned actress
  • Kei Ishibashi – Saori Murakami / the debuting actress
  • Ren Ôsugi – Ootani / the cinematographer (as Ren Oosugi)
  • Takanori Kikuchi – Masaru Hayama
  • Hiroyuki Tanaka – Sekikawa (as Sabu)
  • Reita Serizawa – Sadaoka
  • Akira Hibino – Actor in the 1971 TV film footage
  • Hirofumi Kobayashi – Shigeru Mochizuki / the lead actor
  • Dan Li – Ghost actress
  • Daisuke Iijima – Police detective
  • Naomi Kojima – Actress in the 1971 TV film footage
  • Katsunori Someya – Tomoyasu
  • Yuuken Yoshida – Kasuya
  • Toshie Negishi – Tokiko Tsutsumi / Hitomi's agent

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