Don't Suppose

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Don't Suppose
Studio album by Limahl
Released 26 November 1984
Recorded 1983-1984
Genre Pop rock, synthpop
Label EMI
Producer Dave Harris
Tim Palmer
Giorgio Moroder
Limahl chronology
White Feathers
[with Kajagoogoo]
Don't Suppose
Colour All My Days
Singles from Don't Suppose
  1. "Only for Love"
    Released: 1983
  2. "Too Much Trouble"
    Released: 1984
  3. "The Never Ending Story"
    Released: 1984
  4. "Tar Beach (Remix)"
    Released: 1985

Don't Suppose is the debut solo album by the English singer Limahl (formerly and currently lead singer with the British band Kajagoogoo), released in 1984 by EMI Records.

Originally only released on vinyl album and cassette, the album was not released on compact disc until 2012 on the Gold Legion label, though several songs from the album had appeared on other albums. The compilation album The Best of Limahl features eight tracks from Don't Suppose, and the compilation Neverending Story—Best of Limahl features seven tracks. The song "Tar Beach", which appears on neither of those albums, is featured on two joint compilations with Kajagoogoo. "The Greenhouse Effect" has never been officially released on compact disc. (Later editions of Don't Suppose replaced "The Greenhouse Effect" with "The Never Ending Story".)

The album[edit]

The album was released twice, in two slightly different editions. The second edition omitted "The Greenhouse Effect", which came at the end of side one; it was replaced with the hit single "The Never Ending Story", from the soundtrack to the film The NeverEnding Story. The new track was composed by American producer Giorgio Moroder; Moroder also authored the instrumental B-side on the single release of "Ivory Tower", as well as most of the singer's second solo album, Colour All My Days. Limahl came to know Moroder while performing his song "Only for Love" at a rock festival in Tokyo; Moroder suggested that Limahl sing the movie's title song.

With the exception of "The Never Ending Story", Limahl composed the lyrics and music for the album himself. The original release was produced by Dave Harris and Tim Palmer; Palmer had previously collaborated with Kajagoogoo. "The Never Ending Story" had lyrics by Keith Forsey and was produced by Moroder. In a 1984 Japanese television interview, Limahl said that Don't Suppose saw him experimenting much more than he did on White Feathers, Kajagoogoo's debut album (which included "Too Shy").[citation needed] Much of the record features a string section; flutes and saxophones also join Limahl's keyboards.

Limahl explained that the title, Don't Suppose, was an invitation to the listener to personally verify the value of his music, without supposing, assuming, or guessing.[citation needed]

The album was moderately successful, although it was a commercial failure in the UK where it peaked at number 63 (much lower than Kajagoogoo's second album, released that same year, which peaked at number 35). In the US it did better, reaching #41.

The singles[edit]

The song "Only for Love", the first single released from the album, peaked at number 16 on the UK Singles Chart in late 1983. The B-side of the single, "O.T.T. (Over The Top)", was never released on an album; it was a studio version of "Over the Top", an a cappella track partially sung by Limahl with Nick Beggs during the concert filmed for the VHS and Laserdisc release of Kajagoogoo's White Feathers Tour. The original live version included only the first two verses; the single includes a third verse, a middle section, and a final chorus with a brief coda.

"Too Much Trouble" was the second release, though this failed to reach the UK Top 40.

The third single, "The Never Ending Story", charted in 17 countries, reaching the top 5 in several and number one in Spain, Sweden and Norway. In Italy and Germany, the song reached the number-two position. In the US the song only reached number 17 in the Billboard Hot 100 chart.[1] In France and other French-speaking countries, "The Never Ending Story (L'histoire sans fin)", a French version of the song also sung by Limahl, was released instead.

The fourth single, "Tar Beach", was released only in Germany, with "The Greenhouse Effect (Live)" as its B-side.

Peak Chart Positions
Single (A-side) B-side Chart Chart position
Only for Love O.T.T. (Over the Top) UK Singles Chart 16
Billboard Hot 100 (US) 51
Germany 8
Too Much Trouble You've Been Gone for a Little While (Too Much Trouble Reprise) UK Singles Chart 64
Germany 26
The Never Ending Story Ivory Tower (Instrumental) [performed by Giorgio Moroder] UK Singles Chart 4
Billboard Hot 100 (US) 17
Germany 2
Italy 2
Norway 1
Sweden 1
The Never Ending Story (L'histoire sans fin) The Never Ending Story (Instrumental Version) France 7
Tar Beach (Remix) The Greenhouse Effect (Live) Germany 30

Tracks on compact disc[edit]

In March 2012, Gold Region issued the album on CD in the US featuring remixes of "Never Ending Story" and "Only For Love" as bonus tracks. In 2014, Parlophone reissued it in Warner Music's budget boxed set Original Album Series along with Colour All My Days and the three Kajagoogoo albums without bonus material.

The first eight tracks were digitised by Dutch budget label Disky Communications for inclusion on the compilation album The Best of Limahl, released in 1996. That album omits the last two tracks of Don't Suppose: "Tar Beach" and "Oh Girl"; also missing is "The Greenhouse Effect", although "The Never Ending Story" is included. The compilation was re-released in 2003.

In 2002, Disky released a reduced version of the compilation, Neverending Story—Best of Limahl, which included seven songs from Don't Suppose.

Track listing[edit]

Track Title Lyrics Music Notes
1 Don't Suppose Limahl Limahl
2 That Special Something Limahl Limahl
3 Your Love Limahl Limahl
4 Too Much Trouble Limahl Limahl
5 The Greenhouse Effect Limahl Limahl
The Never Ending Story Keith Forsey Giorgio Moroder replaces "The Greenhouse Effect" on the second and subsequent releases of the album
6 Only for Love Limahl Limahl
7 I Was a Fool Limahl Limahl
8 The Waiting Game Limahl Limahl
9 Tar Beach Limahl Limahl
10 Oh Girl Limahl Limahl

Release details[edit]

Country Date Label Format Catalogue
UK 1984 EMI LP 64-?
MC 64-?


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