Don't Think

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Don't Think
Live album by The Chemical Brothers
Released 26 March 2012 (2012-03-26)
Genre Electronica, big beat, techno
Producer The Chemical Brothers
The Chemical Brothers chronology
Don't Think

Don't Think is a 2012 live album and concert film of The Chemical Brothers when they performed at the Fuji Rock Festival the previous year.

Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3.5/5 stars[1]
Pitchfork Media 8.2/10[2]
Internet Movie Database 8.2/10[3]
Rotten Tomatoes 86%[4]
Total Film 4/5 stars[5]
Digital Spy 4/5 stars[6]
Empire Magazine 5/5 stars[7]

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Tomorrow Never Knows" Intro by Junior Parker, not on CD
  2. "Another World" from Further
  3. "Do It Again" from We Are the Night
  4. "Get Yourself High" from Singles 93-03
  5. "Horse Power" from Further
  6. "Chemical Beats" from Exit Planet Dust
  7. "Swoon" from Further
  8. "Star Guitar" from Come with Us
  9. "Three Little Birdies Down Beats" from Exit Planet Dust
  10. "Hey Boy Hey Girl" from Surrender
  11. "Don't Think" from Further (bonus track)
  12. "Out of Control" from Surrender
  13. "Setting Sun" from Dig Your Own Hole
  14. "It Doesn't Matter" from Dig Your Own Hole; not on CD
  15. "Saturate" from We Are the Night
  16. "Believe" from Push the Button
  17. "Escape Velocity"/"The Golden Path" from Further/Singles 93-03
  18. "Superflash" (Unreleased)
  19. "Leave Home"/"Galvanize" from Exit Planet Dust/Push the Button
  20. "Block Rockin' Beats"/"Das Spiegel" from Dig Your Own Hole/We Are the Night


  1. "Another World"/"Do It Again"/"Get Yourself High"
  2. "Horse Power"/"Chemical Beats"
  3. "Swoon"/"Star Guitar"
  4. "Three Little Birdies Down Beats"/"Hey Boy Hey Girl"
  5. "Don't Think"/"Out of Control"/"Setting Sun"
  6. "Saturate"
  7. "Believe"
  8. "Escape Velocity"/"The Golden Path"
  9. "Superflash"
  10. "Leave Home"/"Galvanize"
  11. "Block Rockin' Beats"


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