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The Don Carlo Cavina School was established in 1988 in response to felt need for Catholic Education.


Its humble beginning started when in 1986, the congregation of the Daughters of St. Francis deSales arrived in the Philippines from Italy. A formation house was built in the small village of Talon, Las Piñas City. It was barely two months of nurturing the spiritual needs in the village through teaching religion in Talon Elementary School, one of the few existing schools in that area that the educative mission was thought of. The brainchild was proposed by the pioneering Italian Sisters in the Philippines, Sr. Corrada Magnani (now Mother General Corrada Magnani) and sister Lauretana Bersani with the approval of the Mother General Madre Mariarita Foli, Sr. Helen Baliat, one the pioneer Filipina sisters of DSFS was conducting religion classes with much spirit and vigor under the shades of the old trees mindless of children's exposure to warm sun and sudden rain. These children's lack of opportunity to use modest facilities and to enjoy a decent education confirm the idea of putting up a school. The idea would even fulfill one of the congregation's mission: education of the child.

Without much ado, all preliminaries were threshed out and soon after the construction of what was going to be DON CARLO CAVINA SCHOOL, began in 1987. Even before the school building would take shape, inquiries have started pouring in. The village folks monitored the progress of the construction and were just too anxious to enroll their children in the soon to rise DCCS. The glimpse of it assured them that their children will be in good hands. Enrollment for the initial year turned to be unexpectedly high with a total 198 pupils: 25 Nursery, 52 Junior Kinder, 52 Senior Kinder and 69 Grade 1 pupils.

By May 27, 1988, all was set for Don Carlo Cavina School to start its mission of educating the youth. At 3:00 pm on that same day, the multi-purpose hall of DCCS was teeming with parents in attendance to the First Familiarization Meeting. From then on, DCCS has paved its way of serving the youth and in educating them according to the noble dreams of Don Carlo Cavina.