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Don Yannias (born 1958[citation needed]) was appointed to be the Chief Executive Officer of Encyclopædia Britannica Inc. on 4 March 1997, after having become a director in January 1996. He was instrumental in developing the digital (CD/DVD-ROM) and online versions of the Encyclopædia Britannica.

In 1999, Yannias was appointed CEO of Inc., when that company was set up as a separate corporation to deal with the Britannica's digital assets. On 19 May 2001, Yannias was replaced by Ilan Yeshua, who brought more than 20 years ' experience in educational software and publishing. Yannias returned to his prior career in investment management but remains on the Britannica's board of directors.

Yannias graduated with an MBA from The Ohio State University.


Press release on the appointment of Yannias as CEO (4 March 1997)

Press release announcing Yannias' replacement as CEO (16 May 2001)