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Donald M. Brown is a computer programmer and the creator of Eamon, a long-running non-commercial RPG computer game series for the Apple II computer that was released in 1980 and which featured a system to allow authors to create their own adventure games.[1] He currently works for Prairie Group, a software development company in West Des Moines, Iowa.

CE Software[edit]

Brown was a founding partner of CE Software and created at least two games for the company: SwordThrust, an expanded commercial version of Eamon, and Wall Street, a financial strategy game. Brown was later instrumental in the development of CE Software's QuicKeys macro recorder software[2] and the QuickMail email client for the Apple Macintosh. In addition, Donald Brown produced the Executive Decision Maker desk accessory and the Desk Accessory Mover software utility; the latter was one of the first (if not the first) utilities that allowed users to install and move desk accessories on the Apple Macintosh platform.[2]

Other Work[edit]

Donald Brown also worked for Spymac, and led development of their Wheel suite of internet applications.[3]


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