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Donald M. Engelman (born 1941) is Higgins Professor of Biochemistry at Yale University. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences,[1] a fellow of the National Institutes of Health,[2] and has been a Guggenheim fellow.[3] He is a director of the Stryker Corporation.[4] He is involved in the creation of new cancer drugs and treatments.[5] For example, Engelman is involved in research to use peptides to aid in destroying tumors.[6]

Administration, Advising, and Consulting[edit]

Engelman has served as Director of Biological Sciences at Yale, an advisor to the Brookhaven National Laboratory, and a consultant to the Los Alamos National Laboratory.[7] He also served as Acting Dean of Yale College in 1991.[8]


Engelman is a graduate (and trustee[9]) of Reed College and Yale University.[10]

Engelman Lab[edit]

Engelman directs the Engelman Laboratory at Yale.[11]


Engelman holds six United States patents for his discoveries.[12]