Donald Glaude

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Donald Glaude
Donald at Gruv.jpg
Donald Glaude, 2011
Background information
Origin Tacoma, Washington
Genres House
Occupation(s) Musical artist, DJ, remixer
Years active 1992–present

Donald Glaude is a house music artist, DJ and remixer, and is consistently ranked as one of DJ Mag's top 100 DJs.[1]


As a child, Donald was classically trained in the upright bass and violin. After hearing early funk records as a child, he began experimenting with tape decks and a primitive radio shack mixer at home in Tacoma, Washington. He began playing at nightclubs by the mid-1980s and began gaining name recognition in early turntablism. In the early 1990s when the rave scene took hold up and down the west-coast Donald had an entire Friday at the Underground nightclub in Seattle.[citation needed] His clubnight showcased many now famous DJs from around the world. Donald, along with DJ Dan in San Francisco and Ron D Core in Los Angeles helped define west-coast house music through the 1990s.[citation needed]

Donald Glaude is a pioneer of House Music and is doing what a lot of other world class DJs aren't.[citation needed] He has been currently playing the Central California region and has already made a name for himself there. Modesto is just minutes from the new UC Merced and an attractive place for House Music enthusiasts around the globe. Donald Glaude has put out multiple records of his own songs and vanity labels Durty Records and Eden Records targeted to professional DJs while making digital releases on Beatport. He is in demand worldwide as a DJ and as a producer and re-mixer.[citation needed]

Donald also caused some stir in 2005 and 2006 with his Friday night residency at ICE Nightclub in Las Vegas called 'Thank Glaude It's Friday'. Donald and his night were showcased regularly on the Spike TV reality show 'The Club'.


Singles & EP's[edit]

  • Sampling The Future (1997)
  • Off the Hook (1999)
  • Mixed Live (2001)
  • Get Up (2003)
  • Mixed Live 2nd Session (2003)
  • This Is Me (2005)
  • For The People (2006)
  • Live at Ruby Skye (2007)
  • BIG (2007)
  • Stick Em (2008)
  • Let The Bass Drop (2008)
  • It Was a Party Line (2009)
  • Drive Me Crazy (2009)
  • Teed Off (2009)
  • Break it Off (2010)
  • Becky (2010)
  • Kick Drum (2010)
  • Climb (2010)
  • Keyz of Destruction (2010)


  • Steal Your Bike (2005)
  • Madd Disco (2007)
  • Get Hott (2007)
  • Give it to Me (2007)
  • Darke (2007)
  • Ride It (2007)
  • New Nation (2008)
  • A Dee Jay (2008)
  • The 7/10 Split (2008)
  • Roller Coaster (2008)
  • Hear No Evil (2009)
  • This Shit is Jackin (2009)
  • Knocker'd Out (2009)
  • Activate (2009)
  • Feel The Jam (2009)
  • Cruelty (2009)
  • Break it Off (2010)
  • 4am in Vegas (2010)
  • Carpet Muncher (2010)
  • Wonderland (2010)


  • LA DJ (2004)
  • Peace Love and Beats (2004)
  • Put The Needle On The Record (2006)


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