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Donald Tosh
Occupation Screenwriter
Known for Story editor for Doctor Who

Donald Tosh is a former BBC screenwriter who contributed to Doctor Who in 1965.[1]

Before working on Doctor Who Tosh was briefly script editor on the series Compact, and had helped to develop the show that eventually became Coronation Street.[2]

Tosh was the story editor for the Doctor Who stories between The Time Meddler and The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve, working with producers Verity Lambert and John Wiles.

On Tosh's final story, The Massacre of St Bartholomew's Eve by John Lucarotti, Tosh performed a substantial rewrite of the scripts, both to align them with historical accuracy and also to accommodate William Hartnell's dual role as both the Doctor and the Abbot of Amboise. On the final episode the story editor's credit was given over to his successor Gerry Davis and Tosh was co-credited.

He also performed an extensive re-write of The Celestial Toymaker by Brian Hayles. Most of this work, however, was in turn rewritten by Davis. Tosh claimed that the trilogic game was the sole retention from his version of the script.[3]

As of 2014, he is the only script editor from the William Hartnell era still living and the only writer to have contributed to that period of Doctor Who still alive.

After leaving television Tosh worked for a time for English Heritage. He was Head Custodian of Sherborne Old Castle, Dorset and St Mawes in Cornwall. He now resides in Essex.

In 2013 he appeared as a background character in An Adventure in Space and Time, a drama about the making of the William Hartnell era Doctor Who programme, made to commemorate the show's 50th anniversary.


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