Donari Braxton

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Donari Braxton
Donari Braxton
Background information
Born (1982-11-11) November 11, 1982 (age 31)
Occupations Writer / Director
Years active 2000–present

Donari Braxton (born November 11, 1982) is an American filmmaker and writer. His independent narrative films are generally considered experimental, though have been featured diversely both in film festivals and art film reviews internationally. He's known for creating performance and video art for gallery exhibition as well, and with the 2013 launch of the video series ''', began freely releasing and distributing such videos online.

Braxton was born in New York and is the son of seminal new wave composer and music philosopher Anthony Braxton. Like his father, he is known for being an avid chess player, and is said to be a chessmaster.[1] In 2006, his first published work, I, a collection of short stories, was met with critical acclaim and became largely associated with the avant garde or "New Chemical Generation" of contemporary fiction. In 2010, he co-founded with Takeshi Fukunaga the production company "FX-S," which later became "Television." The company's produced video content for companies such as HBO, Puma and Marc Jacobs, and produces both American and multinational feature films.

Select Filmography[edit]

  • The Inevitable Me (2009)
  • Oh, The Predictable Beasts (2011)
  • hItec! (2010)
  • 'Themes from a Rosary (2010)
  • 'The Future of All Fragile Things (2015 ET)


  • The Ballad of Chico Walfer, Announcing, (2014)
  • No One's Rose, Paul Celan Translations, (2006)
  • I, Slow Toe Publication, (2005)
  • On My Generation; Poetry and Politics, Slow Toe Publication, (2004)

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