Done Deal

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Done Deal
Studio album by Big Mello
Released June 15, 2003
Recorded 2002-2003
Genre Hip hop
Label Woss Ness Records
Big Mello chronology
The Gift
Done Deal

Done Deal is the fourth and final album of Houston rapper, Big Mello, before his death in 2002.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Set the World on Fire" (featuring Harvey Luv & Vikta Black)
  2. "Outta Control" (featuring Mr. 3-2 & Big Steve)
  3. "Hey You"
  4. "Game on Hush" (featuring Vikta Black)
  5. "Texas Boys" (featuring SPM & C-Note)
  6. "Just Sex" (featuring Billy Cook & Devin the Dude)
  7. "We Know What Girls Like" (featuring Harvey Luv)
  8. "True Block Bleeders"
  9. "Game on Lock" (featuring Lil' Kano)
  10. "So True" (featuring Big Moe & 4 Day G's)
  11. "Deuce Out the Roof" (featuring Woss Ness)
  12. "My Shopper"
  13. "Cold Cold World"
  14. "Sometimes"
  15. "Slow Your Role"