Dong Fangxiao

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Dong Fangxiao
— Gymnast —
Full name Dong Fangxiao
Country represented  China
Born (1986-01-23) 23 January 1986 (age 28)[1]or January 20, 1986[2] or January 20, 1983[1]
Hebei, China
Discipline Women's artistic gymnastics
Level Senior
Head coach(es) Lu Shanzhen
Music Zorbas (1999/2000)

Dong Fangxiao (Chinese: 董芳霄; Dǒng Fāngxiāo) is a retired Chinese gymnast. She now lives in New Zealand with her husband, and competed at the 2000 Summer Olympics.[1] She originally won a bronze medal with the Chinese team.[3] At that time, she was listed as being 17 years old. However, when she was certified to work as a technical official at the 2008 Summer Olympics, she listed her birthdate as January 23, 1986. That would have made her 14 years old in 2000--two years too young to compete. After an investigation, the International Gymnastics Federation ruled that Dong had indeed lied about her age in 2000. Her scores were nullified, and in April 2010, the International Olympic Committee stripped the 2000 Chinese Olympic gymnastics team of its bronze medal in the team all around.[4]


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