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Dons' or The Dons may refer to: In association football:

  • Wimbledon F.C., a former English professional football club from London which relocated to Milton Keynes in 2003, and the two clubs founded during the surrounding controversy:
    • AFC Wimbledon, an English professional football club founded by Wimbledon F.C. supporters soon after that club's move to Milton Keynes was sanctioned in 2002
    • Milton Keynes Dons F.C., an English professional football club formed in 2004, a year after Wimbledon F.C. moved
  • Hendon F.C., an English semi-professional football club
  • Aberdeen F.C., a Scottish professional football club

In other sports:


  • Hans Dons (1882–1940), Norwegian naval officer and aviator
  • Aage Dons (1903–1993), Danish writer
  • Dons, Latvian singer

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