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The Doolittle Station is a planned Bay Area Rapid Transit station[dubious ] that will be part of the BART to Oakland International Airport project.[1]


The station area is planned in the vicinity of the intersection at Hegenberger Road and Doolittle Drive.[2] A former union house has been demolished in order to clear room for the station.

The BART to Oakland International Airport automated guideway transit (people mover) system is slated to open in fall 2014.[1] However the Doolittle Station will not open in 2014 as there is no funding available to build it. It is in that sense a ghost station whose basic infrastructure will be set up but which will not be completely built nor opened until a future time. The City of Oakland suggested this location as potential station site that would support the city's efforts to revitalize the Hegenberger Road Corridor.[1]


Coordinates: 37°43′42″N 122°11′59″W / 37.72833°N 122.19972°W / 37.72833; -122.19972