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The Doolittle Station is a planned Bay Area Rapid Transit station[dubious ] that will be part of the BART to Oakland International Airport project.[1]


The station area is planned in the vicinity of the intersection at Hegenberger Road and Doolittle Drive.[2] A former union house has been demolished in order to clear room for the station.

The BART to Oakland International Airport automated guideway transit (people mover) system opened in November 2014.[1] However the Doolittle Station will not open in 2014 as there is no funding available to build it. It is in that sense a ghost station whose basic infrastructure will be set up but which will not be completely built nor opened until a future time. The City of Oakland suggested this location as potential station site that would support the city's efforts to revitalize the Hegenberger Road Corridor.[1]

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Coordinates: 37°43′42″N 122°11′59″W / 37.72833°N 122.19972°W / 37.72833; -122.19972