Doom (Japanese band)

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Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Thrash metal, progressive metal, avant garde metal
Years active 1985–2000
Labels Victor/Invitation (1990–1999)
Past members Takashi "Taka" Fujita
Shigeru "Pazz" Kobayashi
Masami Chiba
Koh Morota
Jouichi "Joe" Hirakawa

Doom was a Japanese thrash metal band by former Zadkiel members Koh and Jouichi. Formed in Tokyo in 1985, the first line up included Takashi "Taka" Fujita (vocals/guitar), Koh "Pirarucu" Morota (fretless bass) and Jouichi "Joe" Hirokawa (drums). The group released their first EP Go Mad Yourself! in 1986, and the debut album No More Pain followed in 1987. Despite having very much broken English included in their lyrics, the group gained a lot of popularity and signed to the Japanese label Invitation. The band continued to release many more albums and even played a gig in the United States at CBGB's in October 1988. On May 7, 1999, founding member Koh was found dead, having apparently drowned. They released their final album Where Your Life Lies!? in November 1999, before officially disbanding in August 2000.


  • Takashi "Taka" Fujita - vocals, guitar (Unit-3,former live guitarist for The Mad Capsule Markets, currently support for Luna Sea member J)
  • Shigeru "Pazz" Kobayashi - drums (Gastunk)
  • Masami Chiba - bass (Shellshock)

Former members[edit]

  • Jouichi "Joe" Hirokawa - drums (United, Zadkiel, Warpigs, Egao Dorami)
  • Koh "Pirarucu" Morota (b. 1963-d.1999) - fretless bass (Zadkiel, Schaft, Egao Dorami)


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