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This article is about the album by the German hard rock band Böhse Onkelz. For the neurotransmitter, see Dopamine. For other uses, see Dopamine (disambiguation).
Studio album by Böhse Onkelz
Released 15 April 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre Hard rock, Punk rock
Length 46 min 22 sec
Label Rule23 Recordings
Producer Stephan Weidner, Michael Mainx
Böhse Onkelz chronology
Gestern war heute noch morgen Dopamin Adios
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Rock Hard (8.0/10) [1]
"Keine Amnestie für MTV"
Single by Böhse Onkelz
Released 2002
Recorded 2002
Genre Hard rock, Punk rock
Label Rule23 Recordings
Producer(s) Stephan Weidner

Dopamin is the German Hard rock band Böhse Onkelz 15th album. It was released in 2002. The album was entirely recorded on the Spanish island Ibiza and mastered in the Abbey Road Studios in London.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Die Firma (The company)
  2. Narben (Scars)
  3. Macht für den der sie nicht will (Power to those who don't want it)
  4. Mutier mit mir (Mutate with me)
  5. Keine Amnestie für MTV (No amnesty for MTV)
  6. Wie kann das sein (How can it be)'
  7. Nr. 1 (Number one)
  8. Stand der Dinge (Actual State Of Affairs)
  9. Ich weiß wo Du wohnst (I know where you live)
  10. Keine Zeit (No time)
  11. Jetzt oder nie (Now or never)
  12. Nur wenn ich besoffen bin (Only when I'm drunk)

Track notes[edit]

"Die Firma"[edit]

The typical leading song of an Onkelz album: A self-praising anthem for the band and their fans.


A song of scars and the way they remind its owner of old times. "A book written in skin"

"Macht für den der sie nicht will"[edit]

Song against lying politicians, who are only interested in political power. "On the front for the nazis, they were informers of the Stasi, and today they say there's democracy".

"Mutier mit mir"[edit]

A song to make a change in life and start over new. "This is the time to be reborn"

"Keine Amnestie für MTV"[edit]

The Böhse Onkelz and MTV stood in contact several times, MTV wanted to make an MTV Masters about this band. The Persian reporter became acquainted with the whole history of the Onkelz. Two days before MTV sent the Masters, they suspended the reporter and cut the whole Masters in a "public-suited" format, which means that none of the reproaches against the Onkelz could be cleared up.

"Wie kann das sein"[edit]

A song against the sex-tourism to Southeast-Asia, especially against those who abuse children.

"Nr. 1"[edit]

Against Klaus Walter, a German journalist known for his critical attitude against the band.

"Stand der Dinge"[edit]

A song about the melancholy of life without change and the will to escape from it.

"Ich weiß wo Du wohnst"[edit]

A song about stalking.


Keine Amnestie für MTV[edit]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Keine Amnestie für MTV
  2. Narben
  3. Coz I Luv You
  4. Je t'aime... moi non plus


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