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Dope House Records
Founded 1995
Founder Carlos Coy (South Park Mexican)
, Arthur Coy, Jr.
Distributor(s) Independently Distributed[citation needed]
Genre Underground Rap
Country of origin United States
Location Houston, TX

Dope House Records is an independent record company based in Houston, Texas.[1] It primarily releases all hardcore and Underground Southern hip hop.


Dope House Records was founded in 1995 by Arthur Coy, Jr., and his brother Carlos Coy (a.k.a. South Park Mexican) who released his debut album Hillwood that same year. A few years later, several artists including Baby Beesh (now Baby Bash),joined the roster. Majority of the works released under the Playaz Lifestyle label are only available to record stores in the Southern US region and online retail outlets. However for a time in early 2000 Dope House teamed up with Universal Records to gain some commercial success.[2] In 2000 and 2001 Dope House Records won the Houston Press Music Award for Best Local Label. To this day, over 30 albums have been released under the Dope House label.

From 2001 on, chopped and screwed versions of the songs in the Dope House archives were released on 5 "Screwston" compilation albums.

It currently competes with rival independent label Swishahouse, however in 2006, both record companies teamed up to released SPM's 9th album When Devils Strike in normal and Chopped & Screwed (by Michael 5000 Watts) versions.

On September 30, 2014 the next album by South Park Mexican will be released. It being named the "Son of Norma", this will be SPM's tenth album and his third release while being in jail. Trey Coy now runs the Dope House Record label.[3]


  • 24/7 Hustlers (Guero, Lil D & Smoke Dogg)
  • Baby Bash
  • Carolyn Rodriguez
  • Coast
  • Grimm
  • Filero
  • Juan Gotti
  • Happy Perez
  • Hillwood Hustluz (Dum Dum, Lil E & Lil Papa)
  • Low G
  • Lone Star Ridaz
  • Lucky Luciano
  • Major Riley
  • Monster
  • Pimpstress
  • Powda
  • Rasheed
  • Russell Lee
  • Shadow Ramirez
  • Skrilla
  • South Park Mexican
  • Quota
  • Uchie


  • Lone Star Ridaz - Lone Star Ridaz
  • Lone Star Ridaz - Lone Star Ridaz (Skrewed & Chopped)
  • Major Riley - The Untold Story
  • Rasheed - Let The Games Begin
  • South Park Mexican - The Purity Album
  • South Park Mexican - Time Is Money
  • Various Artists - Latin Throne 2
  • 24/7 Hustlers - Walkin' On Water (Unreleased)
  • Hillwood Hustluz - Wheel Watchers (Unreleased)
  • Low G - Black Jack: No Love No Peace (Unreleased)
  • Pimpstress - Most Valuable Player (Unreleased)
  • Baby Beesh - Get Wiggy!
  • Baby Beesh - On Tha Cool
  • Juan Gotti - No Sett Trippin
  • Lone Star Ridaz - 40 Dayz-40 Nightz
  • Lone Star Ridaz - Rules & Regulations (Unreleased)
  • Low G & Rasheed - Wet Black
  • South Park Mexican - Reveille Park
  • Twin Beredaz - Twin Beredaz
  • Various Artists - Screwston Vol.III Stuck In Da Mud
  • Various Artists - Screwston Vol.IV Screwologist
  • Various Artists - Screwston Vol.V Purple Rain
  • Various Artists - Screwston Vol.VI The World That Screw Build
  • Lucky Luciano - 4th Wish: To Sprinkle The World (Unreleased)
  • Rasheed - 21st Century
  • South Park Mexican - Power Moves: The Table (Screwed & Chopped)
  • Twin Beredaz - Twin Beredaz 2: Coast & Quota (Unreleased)
  • Various Artists - Dope City: Purest In the Game



  • Mary-Go-Round
  • Latin Throne
  • Latin Throne 2


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Dope House Members Spm Juan Gotti Low G Lucky Luciano Grim Quota Carolyn Rodriguez Rasheed

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