Dorangel Vargas

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Dorangel Vargas
Born May 1956 (age 58)
Caño Zancudo,
Other names El comegente
Victims 10
Span of killings
Country Venezuela
Date apprehended
February 1999

Dorangel Vargas (born May 14, 1956),[1] known as "El comegente" (lit. people eater) and the "Hannibal Lecter of the Andes",[2] is a serial killer and cannibal in Venezuela. He was a homeless man who used to hunt passersby at a park in the city of San Cristobal, Táchira State. Once he was caught, he confessed to killing and eating at least 10 men in a period of two years preceding his arrest in 1999.


Dorangel Vargas Gomez was born in 1957 in a family of limited resources dedicated to agriculture. Because of his family status, he was only able to attend until third grade. Among his antecedents includes three arrests, two of them for minor offenses (theft of chickens and cattle) and the third, in 1995, when he was admitted to the Institute of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Peribeca by death and subsequent cannibalism of Baltazar Cruz Moreno's body. The murderer managed to escape from that center and lead a seemingly normal life in poverty without bothering anyone again.[1]

It is believed that the were crimes committed between November 1998 and January 1999, at which families police reported the disappearance of the deceased. Dorángel hunted his victims with a tube-shaped spear and sometimes, with rocks. He kept the parts that he's able to cook and usually buries the feet, hands and heads. His primary objectives were unsuspecting athletes and laborers working on the riverbank, though he does not eat women or children. Since he had no refrigerator, most of the human meat he acquires decompose easily which made him kill routinely.[3]

On February 12, 1999 some members of the Civil Defense found the remains of two young people and had alerted the security forces about the find. After searching around the area, the remains of six more bodies were found. Hypothesis about the findings included the plot being a release area for corpses linking to drug gangs and even a burying place for victims of Satanic cult rituals. The victims, after further investigation, were all declared to be missing. As the investigation goes on, Vargas became a suspect as he was living in a kind of ranch near the area. An inspection of his home revealed several vessels containing human flesh and viscera prepared for consumption along with three human heads and several feet and hands.

Once captured, he confessed to having killed and eaten at least 10 men over a period of two years since his arrest in 1999.[3]


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