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Dorchester collection
Industry hospitality, tourism
Founded 1996
Headquarters London
Number of locations 10
Key people Christopher Cowdray, (CEO)
François Delahaye, (COO)
Helen Smith, (VP Sales and Marketing)
Employees 3,500
Parent Brunei Investment Agency (BIA)

Dorchester Collection is a luxury hotel operator owned by the Brunei Investment Agency (BIA), an arm of the Ministry of Finance of Brunei. Dorchester Collection owns and manages 10 luxury five star hotels, The Dorchester, The Beverly Hills Hotel, Plaza Athénée, Hotel Meurice, Principe di Savoia, Hotel Bel-Air, Coworth Park, 45 Park Lane, Le Richemond and Hotel Eden.


In 1987, the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, bought the Dorchester Hotel and the Beverly Hills Hotel and then transferred the ownership to the Brunei Investment Agency in 1991.[1] The Audley Group, owned by the BIA, was established in 1996 to manage the hotels under one company. Later, the Audley Group became the Dorchester Group Limited.[1][2] The Dorchester Group Ltd. owns the Dorchester Collection which was established in 2006 to manage several luxury hotels in Europe and the United States. The Dorchester Collection manages 10 luxury hotels.[3][4][5] The hotels are a mix of wholly owned and part-owned hotels as the Dorchester Collection acquires them and manages them on behalf of third party owners.[3][6]


The United Kingdom:

  • The Dorchester (London, England), purchased in 1986[7]
  • 45 Park Lane (London, England), acquired in 2011, it is the smallest hotel of the collection at 45 rooms[7]
  • Coworth Park (Ascot, Berkshire, England), refurbished in 2008 and reopened in 2010[8]

The United States:






Dorchester Collection partners with third-party brands for each hotel’s spa. The spas are listed below.

  • The Dorchester – The Dorchester Spa (Carol Joy London, Kerstin Florian and Aromatherapy Associates)[21]
  • Coworth Park – The Spa at Coworth Park (including Carol Joy London, Kerstin Florian and Aromatherapy Associates)[22]
  • The Beverly Hills Hotel – The Beverly Hills Hotel Spa by La Prairie[23]
  • Hotel Bel-Air – Spa by La Prairie[24]
  • Le Meurice – Spa Valmont[25]
  • Le Richemond – Le Spa by Sisley[26]
  • Hotel Principe di Savoia – Club 10 (Comfort Zone, Thalgo and Kanebo)[27]


Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei, via his Brunei Investment Agency (BIA) owning the Dorchester Collection hotels, raised concern abroad in April 2014 by implementing the Sharia law penal code that includes death by stoning, the severing of limbs, and flogging for crimes in Brunei such as abortions, adultery, and homosexual acts. The Sultan himself, together with his family members are exempted from the Sharia Law. [28] He approved imposing the death penalty by stoning for those convicted of homosexual acts in Brunei. In protest, a United States national LGBT advocacy organization, the Gill Action Fund, cancelled its reservation at The Beverly Hills Hotel to hold a conference of major donors at the hotel and demanded a refund of its deposit. The hotel management responded by issuing a statement asserting that it does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, but made no mention of the Brunei Investment Agency's and Sultan's receiving the hotel's profits.

The nearby Bel-Air Hotel is also a BIA Dorchester Collection property. Fashion designers Brian Atwood and Peter Som have called for wider protests, urging the fashion industry to boycott all of the hotels owned by the Dorchester Collection. The Beverly Hills Hotel, long a popular spot for celebrity functions, has been rejected by much of Hollywood over the controversy.[29]


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