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Dorchester County Public Schools is a public school system serving the residents of Dorchester County, Maryland. There are approximately 5,000 students that attend school in the district.[1]

Board of Education Members[2][edit]

  • Superintendent: Dr. Henry Wagner[3]
  • President: Lorraine T. Henry, M.Ed.
  • Vice-President: Phil Bramble
  • Members: Philip W. Rice, Glenn L. Bramble, Jr., and Glen Payne
  • Student Representatives: Amber Kelly, Trevin Law (2012-13)

High schools[edit]

Middle schools[edit]

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Choptank Elementary School, Cambridge
  • Hurlock Elementary School, Hurlock
  • Maple Elementary School, Cambridge
  • Sandy Hill Elementary School, Cambridge
  • South Dorchester School (K-8), Church Creek
  • Vienna Elementary School, Vienna
  • Warwick Elementary School, Secretary[4]

Notable teachers[edit]


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