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Dorino Gattilusio (died 30 June 1455) was the fourth Lord of Lesbos from 1428 to 1455.


He was the second son of Francesco II Gattilusio and Valentina Doria. He succeeded his older brother Jacopo Gattilusio in 1428. Prior to that he had been governor of Phocaea for several years, at least as early as 1423-4.[1] Soon after he assumed control of Lesbos, he informed Genoa that he wished to be part of their 1428 treaty with Alfonso V of Aragon. This led to his participation in the Genoese war with Venice over the next few years.[2]

During his tenure as lord of Lesbos, the castle of Kokkinos on Lemnos and the island of Thasos came under his control.[3] However, he was bed-ridden from 1449 onwards and his son Domenico handled the business of his realm in his name.[4]

Following the Fall of Constantinople, Ottoman hegemony in the Aegean grew, and when the Turkish admiral anchored off Lesbos in June 1455, on his way to Rhodes, his son Domenico thought it a wise diplomatic move to send his factor, the historian Doukas, to the dignitary with handsome gifts of "garments of silk and of woven wool six in number, 6,000 pieces of silver, 20 oxen, 50 sheep, more than 800 measures of wine, 2 bushels of biscuit and one of bread, more than 1000 lbs of cheese, and fruit without measure", as well as gifts to the members of the admira's staff.[5] Dorino died not long after this visit.


Dorino married Orietta Doria. Orietta won fame in 1450 when she led the inhabitants of Molives on Lemnos to beat back a Turkish attack on Lesbos.[6] The couple had six known children:


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Dorino I Gattilusio
Born:  ? Died: 1455
Preceded by
Jacopo Gattilusio
Lord of Lesbos
Succeeded by
Domenico Gattilusio