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The native form of this personal name is Garai Dorottya. This article uses the Western name order.
Dorothy Garai
Queen consort of Bosnia
Tenure 1428–1438
Spouse Tvrtko II of Bosnia
House House of Kotromanić
House of Garai
Father John Garai, Ban of Croatia
Mother Hedwig of Masovia
Died September 1438
Religion Roman Catholic

Dorothy Garai (Bosnian: Doroteja Gorjanska, Hungarian: Garai Dorottya) was Queen of Bosnia as spouse of King Tvrtko II.

Family and engagement[edit]

Dorothea was the daughter of the powerful Hungarian nobleman John Garai, who governed Croatia as ban. Through him, she descended from the House of Garai, the most illustrious noble family in the 15th-century Kingdom of Hungary. Dorothea's grandfather was Palatine Nicholas I Garai.[1] Her mother was Hedwig of Masovia, daughter of Siemowit IV, Duke of Masovia.[2]

In 1427, King Tvrtko II of Bosnia expressed his wish to marry Dorothy. As Dorothy was a religious Roman Catholic and Tvrtko II's subjects were heretics, the Church gave permission for the marriage only when Tvrtko convinced the Pope that he was a loyal follower of the Church.[1] By marrying Dorothy, Tvrtko wanted to strengthen his relations with Hungary.[1]


The wedding was held in the spring of 1428.[1] Many Bosnian noblemen, including Grand Duke Sandalj Hranić Kosača, refused to attend the wedding.[1]

Queen Dorothy was opposed to the reforms of the Franciscan Order, which were proposed by James of the Marches. James was sent to Bosnia by Pope Eugene IV to convert the followers of the Church of Bosnia to Roman Catholicism. He failed, but claimed that his failure was due to the lack of help from the King and Queen.[3] He accused Queen Dorothy of trying to kill him on several occasions.[4] Tvrtko and Dorothy became increasingly unpopular among the Franciscans, who referred to the Queen as an evil woman.[4]

It is not clear whether Dorothy had children. Sources do not mention children of Tvrtko II and his queen, so it can be assumed that there weren't any. However, archeologists found a child's grave between the graves of Tvrtko and Dorothy.

Queen Dorothy died in September 1438. She is buried in Bobovac next to her husband.


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