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Dorothy King (1975) is a self-proclaimed American archaeologist and historian who lives and works in England. Described as someone who "breaks the mould of the dusty academic",[1] she is the author of a 2006 controversial book ( on the Elgin Marbles defending the British retention of the Marbles against Greek claims,[1][2][3][4] and a former Fellow of the Jesus Project. She is also known as a blogger who discusses politics from a very conservative view, as well as historical and archaeological subjects.[5] In 2008 she was cited by The New Republic as an example of an "Obamacon", a conservative supporter of Barack Obama.[6] The Guardian described her as: "Blonde, glamorous and a fearless hunter of treasures" and mentioned that she refused to pose for Playboy magazine,[7] being too old to expose her wrinkled curves.



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