Dorothy Must Die

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Dorothy Must Die
Dorothy Must Die book cover.jpg
First edition book cover
Author Danielle Paige
Country United States
Language English
Series Dorothy Must Die
Published 2014, HarperCollins
Media type Print, e-book, audiobook
Pages 464 pages
ISBN 978-0-06-228067-1
Preceded by No Place Like Oz

Dorothy Must Die is a 2014 young adult book by Danielle Paige and her debut novel.[1] The book, which was produced through Full Fathom Five,[2] was released on April 1, 2014 through HarperCollins and was preceded by the novella No Place Like Oz.[3][4] Dorothy Must Die is the first book in the Dorothy Must Die series and The CW is currently in negotiations to produce a television series based upon the series.[5]


Amy Gumm is an intelligent young teen that goes through her life with a sense of grim acceptance. She allows the school heartthrob to copy her homework, but knows that he's only using her and has no romantic or friendly interest in her. However this doesn't sit well with his pregnant girlfriend, who picks a fight with Amy. The fight ends with Amy getting suspended from school, which is met with a mixture of irritation and indifference from her drug addicted mother. She leaves Amy to remain at home by herself, only for Amy to get caught in a tornado. Through this tornado Amy is transported to Oz, which she had previously thought was only a story. Despite her bewilderment, Amy discovers that not only does Oz exist but Dorothy does as well, and she has become a dictator that rules Oz with an iron fist. Amy is tasked with stopping Dorothy by any means necessary.

Main Characters[edit]

  • Amy Gumm - protaganist of the story who's had a rough life and is swooped into Oz by a cyclone.
  • Madison Pendleton - the girl who has bullied Amy all her life and is pregnant eith a baby the last time we see her.
  • Pete - the young boy who saves Amy when she arrives at Oz.
  • Indigo - a goth punk munchkin who leads Amy meets.
  • Ollie - the talking monkey that both Amy and Indigo save when he's strapped to a pole.
  • Dorothy - the antagonsit of this story and little cutie from "Wizard Of Oz" who has now become power thirsty and ruined Oz.
  • Nox - Amy's love interest; a mysterious boy who's part of the Order.
  • Glamoura - Glinda's twin sister
  • The Order of the Wicked - A group of witches that have formed an allience and recruit Amy to kill Dorothy.


A prequel, No Place Like Oz, was released in e-book format on November 12, 2013 through HarperCollins.[6] The story is set before the events in Dorothy Must Die but after Dorothy's first trip to Oz. It follows Dorothy as she decides to return to Oz, as she misses the adventure, fame, and vibrancy of the magical world. Her life in Kansas is lackluster and Dorothy decides that she will return to Oz, regardless of the cost to others.


Nerdist gave Dorothy Must Die a positive review, commenting that "In less skilled hands, all this could make for a trite take on well-worn territory. But Paige gives Amy a strong voice and an even stronger point of view."[7] Kirkus Reviews gave a mostly positive review, stating "In the end, it’s just another violent dystopian series opener for all its yellow-brick veneer, but it’s a whole lot more fun than many of its ilk."[8] A senior editor for the School Library Journal praised the work as being "gory, grim, and fast-paced".[9]


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