Dorsal nasal artery

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Dorsal nasal artery
Bloodvessels of the eyelids, front view. 1, supraorbital artery and supraorbital vein; 2, nasal artery; 3, angular artery, the terminal branch of 4, the facial artery; 5, suborbital artery; 6, anterior branch of the superficial temporal artery; 6’, malar branch of the transverse artery of the face; 7, lacrimal artery; 8, superior palpebral artery with 8’, its external arch; 9, anastomoses of the superior palpebral with the superficial temporal and lacrimal; 10, inferior palpebral artery; 11, facial vein; 12, angular vein; 13, branch of the superficial temporal vein.
Latin arteria dorsalis nasi
ophthalmic artery
twig to the upper part of the lacrimal sac
to root of the nose
dorsum of the nose
Gray's p.571
TA A12.2.06.049
FMA FMA:50000
Anatomical terminology

The dorsal nasal artery (nasal artery) is an artery of the head. It is one of the two terminal branches of the ophthalmic artery.


It emerges from the orbit above the medial palpebral ligament, and, after giving a twig to the upper part of the lacrimal sac, divides into two branches.

  • One of these crosses the root of the nose, and anastomoses with the angular artery.
  • The other runs along the dorsum of the nose, supplying its outer surface, and anastomoses with its fellow artery of the opposite side, and with the lateral nasal branch of the facial artery.

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